Roger Wilson- Founder and CEO of Willspeed Technologies, GermBloc Hand Sanitizer

An Idaho native, Roger Wilson was born into the flooring industry, Nampa Floors & Interiors, which was started by his dad in 1954. Roger started working for $1 per hour in the company’s warehouse at an early age and worked for the family business full time once he graduated high school. Now, he and his wife own the stores, exclusively.

Working with over 70 employees and hundreds of subcontractors and customers in various, dynamic environments has taught Roger many life lessons and revealed a need for health and hygiene.

In 2011 Roger began experimenting, fueled by his passion for invention and a desire to improve hygiene worldwide. He developed and patented a product he named Germbloc Door Opener, a folding piece of plastic with an antimicrobial coating on the interior designed to directly contact surfaces instead of using bare hands.

While the product initially failed to take flight, it gave Roger the idea to search for an antimicrobial coating that could be applied to the human hand and offer effective protection against germs and bacteria while maintaining full use of the human hand’s superior dexterity.

In 2013, Roger formed WillSpeed Technologies and trademarked a hand sanitizer formula. He named it Germbloc Hand Sanitizer. The new formula used the FDA-approved active ingredient benzalkonium chloride (BZK).

With the exclusion of alcohol’s drying properties, Germbloc’s alcohol-free hand sanitizers offer the addition of moisturizers, botanical extracts, and vitamins, designed to increase hand health.

Today, Germbloc can be found all over the country, with rapidly growing demand. From some of the nation’s top retail stores, governmental agencies, and industrial manufacturing facilities, Germbloc continues to excel and help safeguard households and diverse operations.

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