Philip Spizale – CEO of Redhawk Holdings

Philip Spizale is the CEO of Redhawk Holdings Corp., a company dedicated to manufacturing and distributing quality products that make a positive contribution in our communities. Spizale is relied on time and time again to help companies test the waters, penetrate new markets and launch new products. His guidance throughout service, product and market planning and execution has proven critical to company success throughout periods marked by organic growth, rapid acquisition and even crisis.

After two years as a strategic advisor to Red Hawk Holdings Corp., and a year serving on its Board of Directors, Spizale was named CEO to lead its Medical Division expansion featuring medical devices, generic pharmaceuticals and capital equipment.

The company’s groundbreaking and cost-effective sharps and needle destruction devices (SANDD™) make healthcare delivery less risky while also protecting the environment. SANDD™ are a line of portable needle destruction devices that provide a safer, more economical, way to dispose of needles. SANDD™ Products are FDA Approved and OSHA Compliant. The complete line of SANDD™ products, including The SANDD mini™, SANDD-HP™ and the SANDD Pro™, are expected to soon be available for virtually all home and commercial applications including hospitals, first responders, as well as a full range of clinics and primary care physicians, dentists, veterinarians, retirement and non-acute healthcare facilities.

In addition, Spizale has also driven Redhawk’s business pivot to support the safe reopening of today’s COVID-era economy through PPE equipment and UVC sanitization lights. Redhawks PPE and UVC Sanitization Safety Bundles are being utilized by Law Enforcement Agencies, hospitals, corporations film and television sets, offices and more.

As a longtime Senior Healthcare Executive, Spizale’s knowledge and background spans across sales, marketing, operations and finance strategy, emerging markets, startups, turnarounds and corporate transformations.

Spizale earned his M.B.A. at Webster University in St. Louis and holds a B.A. in Communication from Loyola University in New Orleans.

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