Senator Judson Hill – Government and Public Affairs Advisor for TruConnect

Judson Hill offers years of experience in political, government and in the business sector as an attorney, small business owner and former Georgia Senator. Judson is a Government and Public Affairs Advisor for TruConnect, which is a global telecommunications company that offers eligible low-income Americans affordable communications services through a decades old federal assistance program called Lifeline.

As a Senator, Judson served 13 years in numerous leadership roles including as Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee and Chairman of the Senate Republican Caucus. He resigned to run for Congress in 2017. Judson was named national Legislator of the Year by the American Legislative Exchange Council and received numerous other national and state recognitions. During that time, he was appointed to serve several years on the Federal Communications Commission Intergovernmental Advisory Council.

Judson previously served in the Reagan Administration as an Assistant United States Attorney in Georgia and in Washington, D.C. as a White House Appointee in the US Department of State, Agency for International Development. After leaving the US Attorney’s Office Judson litigated in Georgia advising on corporate transactional matters and business acquisitions. Over 20 years ago he created a business advisory firm Harwood Advisors and later in 2010 created a telecommunications facilities development company. He co-authored the business book “Enhancing Your Business Value” to advise middle market business enterprises.

For years he has consulted in the private sector for the telecommunications industry working with large and small companies including several Fortune 100 telecommunications as well as with smaller healthcare technology companies. Judson also serves as a Judge Advocate General officer with the Georgia State Guard.

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