Dr. Hillary Goldsher – Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Goldsher is a clinical psychologist in Beverly Hills, CA who specializes in the treatment of trauma/PTSD, depression/anxiety, couples, family, and parenting.

She also works with clients grappling with issues related to the corporate environment due to her extensive experience in the business world. She regularly assists people with the navigation of issues related to conflict, corporate culture and workplace dynamics.

Outside of her practice, Dr. Goldsher also serves the parenting community in her capacity as a psychologist through a Los Angeles based company called Sleepy Planet. She runs weekly parenting groups and sees private clients in a consulting role. The private consultations consist of parents or families seeking help to address conflict, divorce and dysfunctional family dynamics.

Dr. Goldsher’s journey to becoming a psychologist was an unusual one. In 1998, She graduated from Kellogg school of management with an MBA in Business and worked for over 10 years in a fortune 500 medical supply corporation. There, she worked in sales, marketing and ultimately management where she participated in the positioning and selling of complex medical devices. Dr. Goldsher was very successful in this arena but always felt a pull towards the world of helping others. After a decade in the business world, she could no longer deny this pull and began her pursuit of a doctorate in clinical psychology at the California School of Professional Psychology.

Dr. Goldsher believes that healing comes from a willingness to deeply experience, explore, and feel one’s emotions that are related to both present and past circumstances. Unexamined feelings can often lead to unwanted or painful symptoms. The process of understanding one’s feelings and emotions allows one to grieve. Grieving allows for the purging of emotions which creates space for new, more positive emotions, thoughts, and behaviors.

Additionally, she believes that therapy is not magic, but rather a process that requires work, commitment, and faith. Change often comes as a whisper rather than as a thunderbolt. With that, Dr. Goldsher believes it is the slow, steady changes that lead to sustained changes.

Dr. Goldsher has secured a position as an expert in the psychology community. She appears regularly on various TV outlets including Fox, CNN, and other local news outlets to offer her opinion on her various areas of expertise. She recently appeared on Dr. Drew’s podcast to discuss topics ranging from trauma, eating disorders, bullying and the psychological ramifications of social media. She is regularly asked to contribute to various publications to offer her expertise and can be found in the virtual pages of self.com, yahoo.com, foxnews.com and others.

Dr. Goldsher is presently working in her private practice located in Beverly Hills, CA.

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