GermBloc – Hand Sanitizers

GermBloc is an effective alternative to alcohol-based sanitizers. Alcohol-free sanitizers are recommended by the CDC to replace alcohol-based sanitizers. GermBloc is FDA, CDC and WHO compliant and conforms to hospital hand hygiene protocol. The products included in this compendium include the GermBloc Lotion Sanitizer and the GermBloc Foam/Spray Sanitizer.

GermBloc Facts
Kills 99.99% of germs
Made with 98% natural ingredients
Clinically Tested
7 Moisturizers
2 Vitamins
6 Botanical Moisturizers
Reapply every 3 – 4 hours
Hands feel soft & refreshed
Dries quickly
Formulated and packaged in the US
In-Vitro Time Kill Studies
Percent Reduction After 15 Second Exposure

Percent Effectiveness After 4 Hours on Hands

In-Vivo & In-Vitro Persistence Studies A human subject study was designed to evaluate antimicrobial persistence, in terms of inhibition, with Staphylococcus aureus. Results: GermBloc produced 100% inhibition after four (4) hours elapsed time. After a minor formula change in 2009, an in-vitro study reconfirmed a minimum four (4) hours antimicrobial persistence for GermBloc. Clinically Tested: Human RIPT Human Repeat Insult Patch Test GermBloc has been tested by an outside testing laboratory and is able to make the following claims: Non irritating, Non sensitizing, Allergy tested, Clinically tested, Dermatologist reviewed.