Audrey Hope, D.D., Certified Addiction and Trauma Therapist, Relationship Expert

Audrey Hope, D.D. is an award-winning certified addiction therapist. She holds a Doctor of Divinity degree, and uses her abilities as a clairvoyant psychic medium to heal patients from trauma from abusive relationships, domestic violence and more.

A multi-talented force in the healing arts for over 20 years, Audrey Hope’s gentle-but-firm approach in addiction and relationships gets to the ‘root of the root’ to solve problems through spiritual modalities as she guides patients to freedom using a new frontier of healing to achieve inner peace.

Audrey uses her expertise to help individuals that experience a range of relationship issues pertaining to singles, couples, breakups/divorces and parenting. Not only does she help her clients heal and extinguish any negative relationship narratives, but she also provides them with the tools needed in order to have a successful relationship.

She has her own practice in the heart of Brentwood, CA, is the host of her weekly YouTube advice show “Hope For Relationships,” and is also an addiction therapist at Seasons In Malibu rehab facility.

Throughout two decades in her field, Audrey has worked with an abundance of celebrities, producers, CEOs, doctors, lawyers, authors, athletes, heirs, and more – helping them cope with their relationship and/or addiction problems.

Featured for both her expertise in love and relationships, as well as her knowledge in trauma healing, Audrey has been seen in top tier media like CBS, Fox News, MSN, IHeartRadio, Reader’s Digest, Medical Daily, Glamour, Bustle, Livestrong, Redbook, Elite Daily, Martha Stewart Wedding, Bride Magazine, Popsugar, Shape Magazine and much more.

Audrey is a columnist for Voices of Hope in Awareness Magazine and will be releasing her first book, Hope for Relationships – The Invocation for True Love, tackling the science of true love and how to summon it, later this year.

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