Anujj Patodia – Director, Medivant Healthcare

Anujj Patodia is the Director at Medivant Healthcare where his role includes advising the board on project management and execution.

Patodia has extensive experience in manufacturing with an emphasis on industrial engineering and work load study. He has created and executed multiple marketing strategies in various industries ranging from fashion to commodities and real estate.

Having set up multiple green field projects, Patodia holds a deep understanding of project planning, management and execution. Recruitment has always been a critical role for Patodia. He prides himself on getting the right people in the right place and enjoys being heavily involved in the recruitment process across various levels.

In addition to his role at Medivant Healthcare, Patodia is the Managing Director at Prime Urban Development India, Ltd., where he has served for over 17 years.

In 2002, Anujj Patodia joined Prime Urban Development where he served as Executive Director, and lead the management team in a strategic role. In 2005, he lead the company to the Real Estate business to utilize its vast land bank. This included creating strategic partnerships
with construction companies, as well as financing. Patodia started from the ground up by creating a project management team for the construction, while also creating the company’s marketing strategies. He worked with all vendors to ensure all project timelines were maintained as per their project plan. Extensively, Patodia used industrial engineering to determine the workload of the people and followed that with regular time studies to ensure timely execution.

On the marketing side, he regularly visited prospective customers along with their sales team to gauge the response of marketing strategies, constantly improving with learning. Over the years, he started handing over the operations to the team and moving back to a management and strategy role with emphasis on finance and project analysis.

Additionally, Patodia has been instrumental in the development of the biggest luggage brand in India, Safari Industries, where he continues to serve as Director on the Board. Safari is in the business of manufacturing and trading of luggage and luggage accessories and is listed on the Indian Stock Exchanges.

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