Dr. Sheila Shilati, COO at Seasons Recovery Centers & Top Addiction Expert

Dr. Sheila Shilati has worked in the field of addiction recovery for over 15 years and is widely known for utilizing the latest evidence based, holistic treatment interventions.

Dr. Shilati has given presentations at conferences and workshops on topics ranging from Teenage Suicide to Dual-Diagnosis to Family Process and Addiction. She now serves as Chief Operating Officer at Seasons Recovery Centers, providing leadership and oversight to this dynamic and influential residential treatment program, which incorporates treatment for co-occurring disorders.

Additionally, she served as an international ambassador and participant on two separate medical and relief expeditions in the Middle East and Africa, working directly with victims of natural disasters and HIV/AIDS. Most recently she developed a self-sustaining integrative mental health program for Swazi youth in the Kingdom of Swaziland.

Dr. Shilati received her degree from Phillips Graduate Institute and has lectured at several universities and colleges throughout the country, including California State University Northridge, Pepperdine University, California Lutheran University, and Oxnard College.

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