Joelle Jacobson, MA, LMFT, PPS, Neurofeedback Clinican at Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation, Los Angeles

Joelle Jacobson has been working in the mental health field for twenty years, as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Neurofeedback Clinician in private practice, an Academic and Personal Counselor in public and private schools, and in the recovery field placing individuals in treatment suffering from mental illness, substance use disorder and eating disorders.

Ms. Jacobson speaks in the public and private school sector and runs prevention and education parenting and teen groups. During her tenure at an all-girls high school, as an academic and personal counselor, she created the human development curriculum, a program for substance abuse prevention and education, a program for positive body image and a program for diversity sensitivity training for the student body.

In 2008, she founded her company, Teen Talk Line, to provide one-to-one counseling, group counseling and online resources for adolescent girls and their families in a private practice setting and via TeleHealth as well as treating young adult and adult women in the adult arm of her private practice.

Along with her private practice in Los Angeles, Ms. Jacobson works for the Betty Ford Center outpatient program in West LA, part of the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation; a national addiction treatment program.

At the Betty Ford Center, Ms. Jacobson utilizes her substantial background as a therapist, combined with her work as a treatment placement specialist. She educates the general public and professionals in the mental health, addiction, medical and academic communities through speaking engagements, radio talk shows and social media. Ms. Jacobson also consults with television and movie writers to help them with script accuracy around mental health, chemical dependency, eating disorders, and trauma. Ms. Jacobson is passionate about raising awareness on the chronic brain disease of addiction, reducing the stigma of addiction and mental illness and being a resource of hope and support for loved ones and those directly struggling with mental illness, substance use disorder, eating disorders, trauma, grief and loss.

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