Harry Haroutunian M.D. aka “Dr. Harry” – Physician Consultant at Seasons Recovery Centers

Harry L. Haroutunian M.D., also referred to as “Dr. Harry,” is an internationally known speaker on the topics of addictive disease and its treatment. As Physician Consultant at Seasons Recovery Center in Malibu, Dr. Harry leads The Professionals Drug and Alcohol Treatment Program, which addresses the therapeutic needs of professionals and executives who have been diagnosed with a Substance-Related or Addictive Disorder (DSM-5) and require a residential drug treatment program.

Dr. Harry is a physician, educator and internationally known lecturer. He developed the “Recovery 101” lecture series on topics of Addiction Medicine, Recovery Issues, Communication Skills and Relapse Prevention.

He is the author of “Being Sober,” and “Not As Prescribed” and is the co-author of “Hijacking the Brain”. He practiced medicine in Vermont for more than thirty years and is Board Certified in Addiction Medicine and Board Certified in Family Medicine.

After training and working as faculty in addiction medicine at the Weil Cornell Medical Center, Dr. Harry was recruited to Betty Ford by Garrett O’Connor, M.D., where he served as Physician Director and contributed to the development of programs that include: Extended Care Program; Family Program, Licensed Professional Program and Clinical Diagnostic Evaluation Program.

Dr. Harry is a regular contributor to WebMD, answering many questions from families and individuals with inquires about addiction. He serves on many committees devoted to Physician Health and Recovery, including the Pharmacy and Therapeutic and Medical Education Committees.

He is active in the California recovering community as a recovering physician, expert and advocate for treatment.

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