Dr. Brian Boxer Wachler, Eye Surgeon

Dr. Brian Boxer Wachler or “Dr. Brian” is a highly sought after eye surgeon who’s earned the reputation “The Surgeon’s Surgeon” for being the choice of many doctors for their own vision correction as well as being consulted upon by many doctors for assistance/advice for their own patients.

In addition, Dr. Brian is also sought after by numerous celebrities, film and TV stars, musicians, professional athletes, CEOs, as well as government leaders.

Dr. Brian is best known for developing the Holcomb C3-R® procedure, a unique procedure which treats Keratoconus (a degenerative eye disease); an alternative to cornea transplant surgery. In response to this medical breakthrough, Dr. Brian was selected to give a prestigious TEDx talk. He described the emotional battle and what he had to overcome to make Holcomb C3-R® the widely accepted procedure that it is today for patients with Keratoconus.

Additionally, Dr. Brian invented the WhiterEyes™ eye whitening procedure and wrote the books on Keratoconus, Modern Management of Keratoconus, How We Conquered Keratoconus, and Mastery of Holcomb C3-R Cross-linking for Keratoconus and Other Disorders for Patients and Physicians, as well as his most recent, Perceptual Intelligence: The Brain’s Secret to Seeing Past Illusion, Misperception, and Self-Deception, which already made #1 Best Seller in Epistemology Philosophy section on Amazon.

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